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Life and Empty (Art of Life)

25 Jul



I’ve got nothing to say, the white and plain image says it all. Our life is plain, empty…..




There’s a big butt! We have the choice to turn that plain image into something more colorful and meaningful. We are free to write anything in that shit plain image. That’s us! We are free.! We are the master of our fate. We can write anything in our life, we can wite something in it.. draw… paint… anything! And whatever our choice to do in it, we make art, that’s the art of our life. Not everyone may appreciate the piece, at least we lived our lives the way we wanted it to be. We can’t please everybody, but the happiness of doing what we love is incomparable.


Random Post (special edition)

17 Jul

Random post for this simple and senseless art blog (ano daw??) What’s special with random???

-I feel bored and as of this moment (12:10am) I can’t still sleep, my energy is still alive. My class later is 7:30am, and I am going to report, and my powerpoint presentation was corrupted (why oh why!!!). Makailang beses ng naco-corrupt flash drive ko, maraming precious photos ang nabubura dahil sa paulit ulit na naco-corrupt. 

-Guess what??? I’m invited to be a judge in an event in one private school in La Trinidad (flower-arrangement event) on Friday. What? I can’t believe it, I can’t believe I’m going to be a judge. Wait! Wake me up? am I dreaming? Wow, I’m excited. Hihihihi

-Ilang araw na din na hindi ako nakakahawak ng lapis, paint brush at pintura… I’m not in the mood, maybe my attention is in school stuffs (assignments, requirements..going to class 7:30 from tuesday to friday is a big deal to me, kasi sanay ako na 9am or 10am madalas pasok) So I can’t focus to make shit arts, hihihi. I just need to rest myself, gaining energy again to paint.

-I should be careful with the words I say…I don’t want to hurt feelings.  Maybe silence is the best answer and make things back to normal again. As of now, I’m confused… (maybe things happen even if we don’t understand why it’s happening to us to teach us lesson)  I don’t want to lose the one I love, because of careless words I whatever.  I wish we will be okay. It’s my fault…  I’m so SORRY MY DEAR Dandel 😦

– 🙂 Keep safe everyone.