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22 Aug

Title:PAyong ng Ngiti
Size: 15″x20″
Meduim: Acrylic on Paper

This is one of the painting that will be hang on September, entitled “Payong ng Ngiti”. Inspired with the rain Philippines is experiencing these past few days. Despite the rain, there’s still many reason to smile, there’s color in rain and flood (just looking at the bright side) Good vibes always. Smile! 🙂

September is near approaching for the exhibit…. and it’s kinda worrying…I have nothing to hang yet…I have lots of things to share but…(busy kunwari eh)… I’m doing some commissioned portraits (na super babang commission, hihihi, pantawid gutom…pero thankful na din kesa wala). How much I wish to visit blogs…but this shit computer at home really *&@/…. mas mabagal pa sa kabagalan. Sorry, bawe bawe nalang pag may time 🙂



11 Aug

8695_362226300566956_1385583376_n (1)


-I’m frustrated… I’m not going to join Petron painting contest anymore… why? No more time! Though the deadline was moved from August 9 to August 12 (hindi buo loob ko sumali, kung rush lang din naman).

-It’s quite sad, but it’s ok… 🙂 Cheer up Jessica! Not all competitions, you’ll grab, ok? Life if full of happiness, just take your time, you’ll achieve your goals through years, so enjoy every moment (payong sarili medyo down)

gumawa na rin ng artist profile, just making myself feel better, thanks for all the people who are part of it.

Napagtanto ko na ang aking pangalan, Jessica Lopez will now become Bigsmyle… and Bigsmyle will appear as my signature in my future works… Why BIGSMYLE??? (nexxt post nalang)


4 Aug



– Nganga-ness! This is my entry for Petron Student Painting Contest, I started it August 1, and today is August 4, and the deadline is on August 9. There are 5 days more left, I wonder if I can beat the deadline? I don’t know. When I woke up this morning, I didn’t even comb my hair (haggard lang, haha) I started to work on this until 6:30 pm, and I’m still 20% done.  The coming week will become a busy week: school requirements, midterm exam, lesson plans, in campus practice teaching…(maisisingit ko pa ba matapos ito???)

-About the entry, I will share the story why I chose my mahal as my subject next post.


July 30, 2013 : My former instructor invited me to become a speaker in her 3 art classes (Bachelor of Elementary) students, to share something about my “expertise” (daw) in arts. At first when she invited me days ago, I’m surprised because I don’t expect that someone like me will be invited to speak, and in the first place (I feel I’m not credible enough yet, I’m also student like them). I just said yes (to the maximum nervousness).

So when I spoke in 3 sections of BEE third years (consisting of around 150 students), at first I’m so nervous, but when I became comfortable, there it goes…. (hindi na maawat pa, hehe)

I really thank Dr. Alma Vida Gallardo for the opportunity.. for the great experience, it was my first time and it is very fulfilling sharing what I know, and it would be just additional reward if I have touched even just one to pursue arts 🙂


About the exhibit, it will be held at GSIS, Pasay (September 24,2013, opening). Wuy punta kayo ha please? I’m so blessed that, my first group exhibit ill be held outside Baguio City, which supposedly I should start from my hometown. Well, kung nasaan ang opportunity doon tayo, I thank the President of the group for joining me. Thanks Sir Boy Capital.

Wala pa ako budget sa pagpunta doon, nganga! Hanap pa mga clients para gawan portraits, para may pang-Manila. Sana wag umatras mga nagpagawa sa akin, saaaaaannnaaaaa talaga :))))

Un nga lang nga-ngers pag wala bibili ng paintings, hehe! Let’s pray makabenta (not all for my own profit, but I’m dedicating it to someone I want to help) I will hang the best painting that I can. I will hang some old paintings, and some I will make new. In the next posts I will feature each painting… I’m looking forward it would be successful 🙂

Invited Kayo

31 Jul

523399_496871807055856_1274334949_n (1)Ipagdasal natin maging matagumpay ang show na ito, invited ka ha.. hihihihi 🙂 Sa wakas may pakinabang din mga gawa ko, sa wakas maisasabit na din sa isang exhibit…. at nang hindi lang nakatambak  sa bahay. Kita kits ha??? 🙂 Salamat sa suporta. Mabuhay Lakbay Kulay.

Life and Empty (Art of Life)

25 Jul



I’ve got nothing to say, the white and plain image says it all. Our life is plain, empty…..




There’s a big butt! We have the choice to turn that plain image into something more colorful and meaningful. We are free to write anything in that shit plain image. That’s us! We are free.! We are the master of our fate. We can write anything in our life, we can wite something in it.. draw… paint… anything! And whatever our choice to do in it, we make art, that’s the art of our life. Not everyone may appreciate the piece, at least we lived our lives the way we wanted it to be. We can’t please everybody, but the happiness of doing what we love is incomparable.


7 Jul

In times I thought it would never happen again… promise to myself never fall again… but future is uncertain, though there are plans, sometimes it would not happen exactly the way we expect it.

As I mentioned in my old blog (no to love life) Sorry this wasn’t achieved. This blog is intended for arts stuffs, pero magsisingit ako ng lovelife… (hihi, wala basagan ng trip :P) pero arts is still related. You will know later….

Our story is like this song….

“Somewhere back in time, he became a friend of mine….and day by day we’ve grown a litter closer… he’s my spirit to be strong, a friend when things go wrong, so I’ve written down these words to let him know. Love’s grown deep, deep into the heart of me, he become a part of me. We’ll plant a seed and watch it grow. As we travel down the road side-by-side we’ll share the load hand-in-hand we’ll see each other through. Though we’ve only just begun. We’ll count our blessings one-by-one. I thank God for life; I thank God for him…..”


I never thought in my life I would be blessed with someone like him, for I’ve been into failed relationships in the past that broke my heart (ang lalim!!! Haha trauma lang) ..that I thought I could never be in a happy and lasting relationship anymore. But I was wrong, in an unexpected situation… I was blessed, more than so blessed.

Dandel, is one of the artists I met on Febuary 21, one of the promising artist in Baguio (silip niyo nalang dito sa old blog).. since then we’ve grown a litter closer, he was always there for me, he always give me advices in painting… tips, techniques, he always guide me, so when I improve, I owe it to him for his endless support, and guidance. He made me feel how I’m so loved by him.

Thank you Dandel for your love,, understanding, respect. You’re not just a boyfriend to me, but a bestfriend too, a listener, a guidance, a partner… and also my art mentor. Nothing more can I ask. I LOVE YOU! (bulgar lang??)  Walang basagan ng trip! :)))))) Hihi.